Titleist Vokey SM9 Jet Black Golf Wedge

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Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge (Custom Fit)
Precise Distance Control With Progressive CG

Anyone can manufacture a wedge, but it takes a master to turn a piece of high-performance technology into an instrument of creative control. For Bob Vokey, this is the grind without end. Introducing the new Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges. The materials and structure of SM9 wedges represent Titleist’s most technologically advanced design, tuned for lower flight and higher spin.

The Vokey SM9 features a progressive centre of gravity (CG) throughout the lofts, which optimises ball flight, accuracy and forgiveness. Using tapered top lines and varied hosel lengths, the Vokey R&D team has raised the height of the CG in the higher lofts, which promotes a lower, more controlled flight. The CG is also forward of the face, resulting in increased MOI, exceptional feel and a club face that simply wants to square up at impact.

The SM9’s patented Spin Milled grooves are meticulously engineered through a new cutting process to maximise spin and durability. The process starts by cutting the face perfectly flat with a high-speed saw. Then every groove is individually cut based on loft and finish; low lofts (46°-54°) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves, while higher lofts (56°-62°) have wider, shallower grooves.

Micro-grooves are individually cut in between grooves, which maximise spin on partial shots. A proprietary heat treatment is applied to the impact area which doubles the durability of the groove without impacting feel, making it the most durable groove in golf. The process is only complete when every Vokey wedge is 100% inspected for utmost quality and performance.

Available in Tour Chrome, Jet Black, or Brushed Steel finish, or a Raw finish that will rust over time, the new Vokey SM9 wedges offer serious performance for the serious golfer. Fitted as standard with the Dynamic Gold S200 shaft and the Titleist Vokey Tour Velvet grip.



Select Hand

Right Hand

Select Loft

46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62

Select Bounce

10* F Grind, 12* D Grind, 08* F Grind, 08* M Grind, 10* S Grind, 12* F Grind, 14* F Grind, 14* K Grind, 04* L Grind

Shaft Options

Dynamic Gold

Select Flex

Wedge Flex

Select Length

+ 1/2 inch, + 1/4 inch, + 3/4 inch, +1 inch, – 1 inch, – 1/2 inch, – 1/4 inch, – 3/4 inch, Standard

Select Lie Angle

Standard Lie Angle, +1 Degree Upright, +2 Degrees Upright, -1 Degree Flat, -2 Degrees Flat

Select Grip

Tour Velvet Black/White (Std option), Tour Velvet, Tour Velvet 360, Tour Velvet 360 Midsize

Select Grip Thickness

Standard(1 Layer), +1 Layer of Tape, +2 Layers of Tape, +3 Layers of Tape


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