TaylorMade TP5 (12 Pack)

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This is TaylorMade`s most complete golf ball, engineered with 5-layers which include a new Tour flight dimple pattern to maximise carry distance and a larger reactive core.

The TaylorMade Ball Features:

  • Larger More Reactive Core
  • Dual-Spin Cover
  • 5-Layer Construction
  • Tour Flight Dimple Pattern

Larger Core

Thanks to it`s new larger core it produces a progressive compression that produces the maximum energy transfer from the clubface. This ensures maximum speed on your irons and woods, for greater distance and performance.

Dual-Spin Cover

The Dual-Spin Cover gives you multi-layer spin performance ensuring you receive the maximum possible performance from these golf balls. This is ideal for iron and wedge play to ensure you receive the highest level of control and spin.

Tour Flight Dimple Pattern

The new dimple pattern on the 2021 TP5 golf ball has shallower dimples to reduce drag during ascent, plus steeper dimples to maintain lift during decent. These improvements to the aerodynamics maximize carry distance to help you hit the ball longer and further than ever before.
Between the TP5 and the TP5x, this ball produces long-distance, high launch, the highest level of wedge spin, and has a softer feel than the TP5x.


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